Our facility was used to manufacture around 50% of all North Sea topside modules and as such as part of a full life cycle the facility can be utilised to destruct or recycle these modules for further use.

Wilton get involved in a varied assortment of decommissioning projects, from designing and building large structural fabrications to assist removal of the offshore assets to looking at removal of the asset from the sea and modifying the existing design to suit a new use.

This could possibly mean modifying the asset for a different market industry; it may include reducing its size and shape or indeed increasing the size and capability.

Once the future need is known and a commercial review has been carried out and confirmed reverse engineering would be deployed to strip out unwanted components, recycling where possible. Modifications are then carried out to the structure bringing it up to relevant standards.

Once complete the asset will have been decommissioned, modified and recommissioned and effectively recycled back into industry at a fraction of the cost of building a brand new asset.

Rigging Frame Loading Out

Rigging Lifting Frame

Lifting Frame Set Up

8000 tonne Jacket Removed


Utilising our integrated Project Management service, we offer a full turnkey solution which covers the following;

  • Design Interface
  • As built Fabrication Drawings
  • Offloading, Loadout, logistics and Shipping
  • Supply of Material and Equipment
  • Modification of structures inclusive of pipework
  • Welding and Non Destructive Testing
  • Hydro Testing
  • Sub-contractor Management
  • Shot blasting, epoxy coating, TSA
  • Storage


Decommissioning Capabilities include, but are not limited to;

  • Offshore Modules
  • Offshore Link Bridges
  • Flare Booms
  • Platforms
  • Jackets structures
  • PLEM’s
  • Subsea Manifolds
  • Lifting Frames
  • Grillage